Talk about Army Wife, Army Life… just before they became Husband and Wife, we got together a day prior their wedding date to capture a few engagement pictures. With Justine serving our country and being on active duty, he was only able only to fly in for a brief time. As tight of a schedule we all had Renee and Justin were the most relaxed couple I have even encountered. Even during a brief moment of complete downpour, everyone was still full of smiles and happiness. Some even say that rain on the wedding day is good luck! Justin and Renee wedding incorporated quirky and entertaining traditions. One of the many that stood out to me was on how they decided who will be the head or the voice of the household. In the center of the French braided bread were two shot glasses, one was filled with water and the other with Vodka. They each choose a glass, whoever got lucky with the Vodka shot would be considered the one “in Charge”. Check out the pictures below to see who was not so lucky! Thank you for your service Justine!

Justin and Renee Wedding

The Dye Club at Barefoot Resort | North Myrtle Beach, SC